Alenoir Emsworth


Alenoir Emsworth was born in the middle class town of Eirialon Port overlooking the sea of dreams and grew up in a fairly Sustained family. albeit having a bumpy family history, he grew up trying to make the most out of his troubled life. that was until he became 11 years old, where his life took a turn for the worst.

during the year 1016, the start of the war between the union and the alliance was on the brink of becoming a full scale war. Union soldiers took residence in the town and used it as a hidden lookout to spy on the alliance in the south. but these soldiers wanted more than to support their cause.

The union soldiers took it upon themselves to rape the women, steal children for their cause and murder the innocent bystander who did not see to their way. the townsfolk took it upon themselves to stand their ground and defend their home; his family included. obviously you can imagine how an untrained millitia stood against a large faction of trained killers.

Alenoir tried his best to stay alive. he wanted and tried so much to help the people he loved, but was injured and knocked back into the alley ways via an explosion that was produced by one of the union mages. with the right side of his faced scarred and a sustained broken right leg, all he could do was sit there, wreathing in pain, while he watched the murder of his beloved neighbors, mother and father.

a town which was once one of the epicenters of trade was burned and destroyed into nothing but rubble, and the once kind townsfolk now littered the streets with their mangled corpses and entrails.

four days had passed after this incident. traumitized, incapacitated, and waiting for death; alenoir lay in the rubble and smoldered embers relying on rain water to keep him hydrated while he dragged himself around the once standing port looking for food and medical equipment.

Thankfully, a passing group of alchemists and hired rogues came to the destroyed city to investigate and look for clues. upon searching the rubble, they came across alenoir in his troubled state and took him to the nearest town of Cawic; The City Of Spells.

The group that rescued him decided to nurse him back to health in one of the local medical clinics. Learning about the southern alliance and thankful for the saving of his life, alenoir vowed to aid the alliance and bring the northern union to its knees for what they did to his hometown.

Alenoir devoted his life to learn the art of magic with the mages of the city, to study the knowedge of alchemy with the local apothecary, and honed his skills of close quarters combat and ranged weaponry with the aid of the hired rogues who rescued him.

alenoir survived a horrible situation in a pitiless world. But with his capability and skills, he managed to overcome any hinderance, Deliver ranged blows and remain out of reach of danger, and to keep himself and his allies alive by combining spells and alchemical potions.

With the skills learned in his youth, he now works as an investigator for the warden city of bronderthel. either on or off the job; He’s Cold, Calculated and Precise. This isn’t surprising considering for someone with his tormented past.
he aids the alliance and local law enforcement by cracking cases that were once thought impossible, finding clue’s in places already overlooked and Bringing Evil Do-ers to the hands of the law if possible.

he hopes that in doing so, he can give unto those less fortunate the peace and prosperity that he never got to acheive in his own life while possibly uncovering the evidence that points to the organizer of his traumatic event.

Alenoir Emsworth

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