Arun Yelro


His hair is jet black and short for an elves standards, saying the hair gets in his eyes when he takes a shot. His eyes
are blue, the typical elven eye color. He stands around 5’10 and is a little bit heavier than the average elf around 160.
This is taking in the account of him using his bow and training all the time has strengthen his muscles giving him
a muscular physique and a toned bod.His ears are pointed and he doesn’t hide them, he isn’t ashamed of being an elf.
His armor is decorated with elven and item she has gathered from the forest, to blend in when he is getting his bounty.
Being a ranger, he doesn’t get into close combat that often so his face and body is free of scars. He has a serious look on his face at all times, like he was
told bad news. He is quiet the majority of the time, only talking when needed. He doesn’t like to kill his bounties like others
he captures them with little to no harm, but he isn’t against killing them if he needs too.


Arun grew up in a small wood elf village called Lanna Unarith.
It was located in Caerne Forest, the elves used magic to disguise it making travelers go around it without knowing.
It was a peaceful place, the elves had mines nearby for metal, animals to hunt, lakes to fish and herbs to gather.
Arun’s parents, Palar his father and Daefina his mother helped contribute to the village in their own way.
His father was a ranger, hunting for food and pelts, keeping animals away and people that got too close.
His mother ran a bakery, baking elven food. Arun learned many of his skills from his parents. He followed
in his father’s footsteps and became a ranger after he turned 60, the time he wasn’t a ranger he helped
his mother in the bakery. Honing his skills as a baker. for the next 60 years he learned everything that there is
to know about being a ranger from from his father. He was a crack shot with the bow and exceled in sword combat.
But he always felt like something was missing. While the village would tone down at night he would stay away, exploring
the area. His parent’s didn’t know nor did would they condone it. He would watch the animals go about their activties,
he would watch explorers baffled by the elven magic they couldn’t see. He would sit in trees looking up at the stars
playing his flute, the music carrying throught the forest. After about 5 more years he told his parents he is leaving to explore
the world around him. His mother was against it, but his father seeing the determination in his eyes and his resolve
allowed him to go, asking him to come back whenever he can or when he needs helps. The elves sent him off with a party,
since leaving the village to explore was very rare for any of them. Not knowing much of the world he struggled with money,
a bounty hunter going by the name Orak Nonsoc saw something in him and introduced him to the bounty hunting guild, Arun
loved it after the first day. The thrill of going around, capturing fugitves, tracking him, everything a ranger knows
already he applied to this. He eventually became a well known bounty hunter with the alias “The Forest Piper” for playing his flute
after he captured a bounty. He enjoyed his work and constantly worked his way up to bigger and better bounties.
The loacl towns got to know him and the guards all knew his face welcoming him just about anywhere in the kingdom for
his part in protecting the kingdom.

Arun Yelro

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